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Plastics: Driving positive change through science.

Krehalon launches a new educational campaign.

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Krehalon's new packaging sustainability strategy calling for transparency on plastics

'This is not another pledge. This is evidence of our progress.'

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Odour reduction, improved pack presentation & shelf life extension with SSL™ Plus

New generation Secondary Seal Technology (SSL™) by Krehalon

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Krehalon is a signatory of the UK Plastics Pact

We are working collaboratively with UKPP members to achieve ambitious sustainability targets.

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Krehalon joins CEFLEX industry consortium to help develop circular economy solutions.

Project to deliver significant sustainability gains by 2025

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KreLid™ helps take out 163 tonnes per annum of hard to recycle plastic in the UK.

Co-op on how suppliers like Krehalon contributed to the delivery of their recyclability strategy

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Preserving Quality Together

Отзывы наших заказчиков

Сервис и поддержка — из лучших на нашем опыте. Мы работаем со многими заказчиками в Великобритании и Европе и рекомендуем Крехалон без всяких сомнений.

«ДМА», Великобритания

Отношение — партнерское, продукция — качественная, оперативность — высокая!

«Бавария», Германия